Yahoo…The Karishma of Shammi Kapoor

Niche Entertainment, Pune, is delighted to present its latest spectacular musical bonanza, “Yahoo…the charisma of Shammi Kapoor”.

This offering is designed to explore every aspect of this fascinating artiste’s life, as a star, as an actor, as a lover, as a father, as a friend and guide and above all as a human being.

The show highlights the essence of Shammi Kapoor’s personality which is to rise above adversity. With an unparalleled internal zest and longing to better oneself and to be looking ahead in life, this show unravels the ups and downs in Shammiji’s life.


Shammiji’s great strengths were his trend setting personality and his achievement was in changing the persona of the quintessential Hindi film leading man as also in changing the way music and dance was used in Hindi films.

The show analyses his special relationships, with his Co-Stars, his Music Directors, his Directors, and Playback Singers, to bring out the man adored extensively, but not known intimately to many of his fans.

This grandly conceptualized and produced extravaganza has, as with every Niche Entertainment venture like "Black & White", "Gulzar - Baat Pashmine ki", "Bhairav se Bhairavi" and "Ghazal ka Safar", at its heart exquisite music and dance with all its associations.


This is an unusual take on stage shows. It simply cannot be missed.

This is a Niche Entertainment show!!

“Yahoo…the charisma of Shammi Kapoor”.
Written by: Dr. Ninad Thackare
Directed by : Milind Oak.
Choreography: Kunal Phadke, Rutuja Ingle and Team.

Audiovisual narration: Ameen Sayani
Singers: Dhaval Chandwadkar, Rafi Habib, Rasika Ganoo, Mohika Damle.



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