Bhairav Se Bhairavi

“What touches the soul…is Sangeet”

Music is commonly referred as “Sangeet”, in Adhyatma. It is considered as one of the most profound methods for exploring the mind. It forms a complete “Sadhana” in itself.


Sangeet transcends beyond the mundane levels of existence. To joy… happiness… bliss… and divine meditative state.

It is a language without the words.

Can this be paraphrased in words and the experience deciphered?

“Bhairav Se Bhairavi” attempts to do this.

"Bhairav Se Bhairavi” is an exposition of classical  Indian musical tradition, based on the eternal cyclical clock of day and night. It commences with raga Bhairav, a morning raga, and concludes with Bhairavi, sung at the dawn.

Raga,Todi,Sarang, Marwa,Bhimpalas, Yaman, Bageshree are few of the “Ragas” which form the backbone of this musical endeavor.

The programme encompasses a wide range of musical forms like Classical Bandish, Tappa to semi classical and light compositions like Bhajan, Gazal, Folk and Classical based film music.

or Hindi/English are the supporting languages for this musical journey.


The first performance was performed on 18th Dec. 2005 at Rangasharada Mumbai for Vishwasetu Sammelan. That and the subsequent performances have been widely appreciated and have drawn a tremendous response from the audiences as well as the media. We have had over 45 performances by now including prestigious platforms like Shaniwarwada Mahotsav Pune and NCPA Mumbai.

We have performed more than 100 shows till date, including 20 shows in USA and Canada. This show has also been presented at various centers in UK (6 shows) like Oxford, Manchester and London including Maharashtra Mandal London and Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. This show is also being presented at Paris for the European Marathi Sammelan in July 2008.

The show has two versions, one in which the compering is done in Marathi (Bhairav te Bhairavi and one where the compering is in English or Hindi. English compering is essentially done abroad to appeal wider audiences. However as we are basically speaking about Hindustani philosophy and music the music score is in Hindi. The marathi version is slightly different musically as it also includes Natyageet and Bhavgeet

Key Performers : Pandit Vijay Koparkar, Dattaprasad Ranade, Swarada Gokhale and Sayali Panse-Shellikeri.
Tabla: Vinayak (Prasad) Joshi
Violin: Rajendra Bhave

Pandit Vijay Koparkar with a Masters from College of Engineering Pune (M.E. Metallurgy) is an eminent classical vocalist who has trained under his gurus Vasantrao Deshpande and Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki. He has also performed at various prestigious platforms including Sawai Gandharva.

Dattaprasad Ranade who specializes in Ghazals and Swarada Gokhale, the recipient of the prestigious Balgandharva Award for young talent in Pune perform the light music part of the show.

Musical arrangement of the show has been done by Ashish Mujumdar.

The show is compered by Mr. Sachin Khedekar in Hindi/English and Mr. Abhay Patil in Marathi.

Dr. Sameer Kulkarni, an ENT surgeon and a writer of many Marathi plays and films, has written the show. The base of this performance comes from his research and training of Yoga for the last ten years.

The show has been produced by Niche Entertainment and Directed by Milind Oak.


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